Tips for Essay Writing

Today we see that students always want to get out of marks in subjects. It’s Good thing and should be appreciated. Science, Mathematics and Social Science are the subjects where if students write appropriate answers point wise or solve problems correctly they get full marks because moderator dosent have a chance to cut marks in it.

But what about language papers?

There are usually three language papers in exam, English and Hindi are compulsory in maximun schools and other one is Local language of that perticular state. Correct?

So here moderator has a chance to reduce marks in spelling and gramatical mistakes and therefore students should look after this minor things.

Now i have one basic knowledge of essay writing which always gave me full marks and appriciation from my teachers. Do you want to know it? read it down

In a board exam, language paper has a last question of essay writing for at least fifteen marks. Students get confused of the topics given to them and they write improperly and in insufficient manner.

Now the fact is, a small but good and decent written essay can give you full marks. And for that, simple steps must be followed.

First of all you must have at least 30 minutes to write essay. Generally study topics on science, history, pollution, etc because we don’t need to think much about it and many things can be added in it, also similar points can be written in various such topics.  Now, when you come to the question read out the topics carefully for a while. Take 2-3 minutes to choose a topic. Select such a topic of which you have more writable knowledge then that of others.

After that, think for about 5 minutes of the points you will write step by step so that no any mistakes will happen while writing. Then start writing your essay in a decent manner without hurry and keeping your points in mind. Generally essay must be written in 250-300 words so make paragraphs whenever needed or use sub titles as per the topic.

Complete it in 15 minutes.  In last 5 min read out the essay once again and correct the spelling mistakes if happened.

Got it! you must be saying “ya, that is so easy and we know that.”

But when this situation comes actually in the exam you will remember this article.

Thus keep in mind that your essay must be so good that even the moderator must read it twice and think where to cut marks good luck.


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