My message to “Sir Alex Ferguson”………..

Eyes looking future

The amazing and stunning season of football started recently and all clubs are playing harder to get front of each other. At the start of this season we saw changes made by clubs. Players changed, Managers changed and because of that some Fans Favorite clubs also changed.
Manchester United’s Manager Sir Alex Ferguson celebrated his 25th anniversary in Manchester United last year. A second manager to manage a club for such a long period.
Alex has seen all the plus minus conditions of the united club. Firstly when he came to united it was a 2.5 star club and now its 4.5 star. MANCHESTER UNITED got its own identity in hearts of people. They started saying them “Red Devils” and players actually started assuming themselves as devils. Club started getting bigger and bigger, players changed, Kits changed, Clubs reputation started changing, Many companies started coming to united for getting sponsorship’s, Clubs official staff started increasing in number, Players from all over the world started dreaming to play for united and United’s fan following went on rising and the graph went on and on. United got larger from Bigger. And now it stands on his own different and glazing position.
In this long period one thing remained same. And that was “Alex Ferguson” isn’t it?.
When we look at this club what do we see?
First we remember is Old Traford Manchester. Its the stadium which we see in dreams and almost all peoples wish to keep there foots on that stadium at least once in a lifetime. Its because of Management team of Old Traford and there hard work.
Besides this we remember the star players of Manchester United like Beckham, Ronaldo, Rooney, Giggs, Scholes, etc. etc. etc… list doesn’t end at all. And now a new amazing star called van persie. This is what Alex would have dreamed in some night to get these players in his team and he did.
What else do we see?, we see the records maid by the club, Trophies won by a club and we see the 19 times league champions through our eyes.
This run will not end now and we will see United’s name at the top always. Because Seed which is planted by Alex is converted into a big tree and its growth will always go on till it becomes Huge…..
His name will be written as a legend of Football History In future.Champions of Champions


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