Camera +….. A new app for Iphone.

Camera + is an awesome app for each and every person. No bother you are a professional photographer or who’s barely touched a camera, this application is designed for all those who love clicking!

Camera + has lots of features which are simple to handle and easy to understand. Let’s discuss them one by one…….

Photo Flashlight.
High quality Flash Light which improves photo quality.

Digital zoom (get close look).
High quality zooming which is up to 6x gives aliveness to the photo.

Shooting modes (Huge variations in Shooting).
Many shooting modes with timer facility so that you can shoot self- Portrait.

Grid (More Accuracy).
You can use this feature to get clear shots and eliminate tilted
The clarity of photos is amazing. It has a look just like we want. And when we edit a picture we are able to save it in lightbox folder where we can see the difference between new and old.

Photo info (Find the detail info of your snapshots).
You can easily find detailed info about your photos like when they were shot, sizes, dimensions, etc. You can also see your edited photos at a glance with details of modification.
Camera+ also saves the place where you took the snapshots so that the viewers of photo understand it quickly. Beside that you will also get the details of shutter speed, focal length, ISO etc.

Sharing (Let the world see your photos)
Camera+ has provided you sharing feature. Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr or even mail is simply to friends, family or whole world.

Effects (Cool Effects on Snaps).
Dozens of effects are available to you with a single tap, just add effects to a pic and make it into a work of art. “HDR” “Grunge” So Emo” are some of flawless effects available for your snaps.

Make your dark shots amazing!
One of the finest digital flash in Camera+ is a key for you when you go and click in dark. It has a stunning High Clarity.

Cropping (perfectly frame your photos).
Camera+ fixes a perfect frame to your photos. If you want to be creative you get bunch of popular crop sizes and frames. Various sizes of frames like 4×6, 8×10, etc are available in camera+ which will give perfect look for your photos.

Borders (A final touch).
Finally what else do you need, the borders are present here to give you a final touch for your photo.
Many numbers of Borders with shading and designs are available in Camera+.

Iphone Application


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