Online Scam!……… Read this shocking mail.

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Hey guys! We know about online scams happening in growing ratio today. Everyday some or the other all over the world gets cheated by this scamers. When i read such news in newspapers i started thinking on it  and so i went on surfing stuff on internet. I found that 80% jobs on internet are scams. “Its really shocking friends”. 

I know that almost all of us definitely know this thing which i stated above. But tell me honestly “How many of you have decided of taking revenge by this scamers?” Any Body?……… If yes then comment and be with me.

Because I have seriously thought of taking revenge against Online scam.  I will to go to the root of it, and I know its going to be very tough for me. Its like jumping in fire although knowing that it will Burn.

Lottery mails

My first thing will be “creating a professional blog specially for posting articles on online scam, so that everybody will know which job providing sites are scams and which are genuine”. They will get some help from such articles…

I got one comment written on Google+ by a college student. It was written against www(dot)jobprolink(dot)com. leena Vincent is a founder of this website and she had cheated this guy…. Just read it on you will come to know………


Hello leena,

I want to ask you a simple thing today. Why do you cheat peoples? what to you get after doing it? I am sure you wont answer this mail. but for my sake read out this mail I hope you will take it seriously.

See………. I am a poor individual who does a freelancing job for certain company, but its hard to me to run my house in my limited salary so i decided to have some mean time job online. I watched your add and felt exited i said my mother ” Mom i have got something to earn a small amount of money” I was happy and my mom too became happy after hearing that.

I completed i the application process, I done all that you needed. I worked on sample work made it ready for you and i sent it to you.

But what then? I waited and waited? And after consulting with my some friends i came to know that I was been cheated. tears came out of my eyes thinking that what i will say to my mom?

Uf! I know that doesn’t matter to you. 

I have mailed you not because i want explanation on this and also not for getting a job. I will find another genuine job but not online. But i have mailed you because i want to describe the feelings of a person when he comes to know that he is cheated by online scamers like you.

They cry, even i heard some cases making suicides after getting cheated. 

This is what you all need? 

peoples give you bad words they eat there teethes when they think about you.

This is what you all need?


So this is my honest request to you. STOP THIS!

Don’t earn money killing peoples. . . Other wise you will find it difficult to die on earth.

People make use of internet for getting true knowledge. If you all will continue this same thing then peoples faith on net system will vanish off. 




Now Tell me guys! Isnt it bad to cheat peoples? yes. isnt it! till how many days we will keep quite… We have to stand against it common!


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