Wrike- Project Management Software that makes you work together more convenient way.

WRIKE, Inc. is the leading provider of social project management. It helps thousands of companies for making work fast, easy and efficient. It conveniently gathers all the projects together at one work space where the data can be shared with multiple teams and individuals. In short, it is helpful for any co-located companies.

CEO of WRIKE Mr. Andrew Filev at the age of 17 first launched a software development company which after growing had 100 engineers at work in various branches. He came up to various collaboration challenges which are faced by thousands of companies now days. Hence, to find easy solutions for such problems he founded Wrike. Wrike is working for more than five years now and it is headquartered at Campbell, California, USA.

They are one of the reputed companies in this field and have provided services tothousands of companies and individuals all over the world for past few years. There project management software comes in various monthly package format dependable on number of users 5 to 50 and size from 5GB to 100GB. This software has high class rate because of its useful features and handy programming style which attracts customers. Wrike’s software is used by number of popular companies like Sales Force, Unicef, Royal Canin, Thomas Reuters, Holiday Inn, M.T. Mobile, My lifetime, Stanford University, Paypal, Alcatel, VMWARE, Adobe, ecco, Kraft Foods etc.

Mr. Adrian McDonagh, Managing Director, easywebrecruitment.com said “Wrike is brilliantly simple to use, yet incredibly powerful.” Another customer of leading brand also said that “Wrike turned out to be exactly what we needed- a simple and elegant tool which is not overloaded with features and saves us precious time”. Also if we go through the official review page, we see that Wrike has got extremely positive response from beneficiaries in multiple fields all around the world.

Besides reviews we also see important achievements of the company from start to present. Wrike won B2B startup competition at Leweb3 in Paris (2006), recognized in eweek’s annual excellence award as the best productivity application (2008), it was also recognized as one of the Red Herring Top 100 Global Companies (2009) and became finalist in the American Business Awards (2011). Along with these 4 Industry awards they are also being recognized by influential media like Entrepreneur, Venture Beat, Gigaom, Tech Crunch IT, eweek.com, Pcworld.

When we go through company official website we see that it is perfectly designed describing each and every section including company background in about, customer’s feedback in customers, various services and help in support and product info in pricing and sign up. Website also contains a free trial and live webinar for beginners and a virtual tour stating product information and other website content. They run an official blog which is updated weekly with news and other information. There Facebook and Google+ page has 2,571 and 509 Likes respectively. Wrike has 1,167 twits on twitter account and it is followed by 1,234 followers. They also have a Youtube channel with 256 subscribers on which they have uploaded 45 videos which are viewed by total 101,409 viewers.

Being an online business, Wrike relies greatly on bringing traffic to its website to boost their sales. Upon checking its traffic statistics in Alexa, results show that in the past month, it is ranked as #11,907 globally, and #7,512 in the United States, where most of its traffic originates. Prchecker of Google page ranking gave Wrike’s website 5 grades out of 10 (with 10 being the highest). Their average ranking states that they are growing business companies in USA and 55 other countries.

Going through their pricing and sign up page we see that there are total 4 packages dependable on users and storage space. Their lowest package is of $49/month which is for 5 users and contains 5GB storage probably designed for small scale Industry and highest package is of $199/month which is for 50 users and has 100 GB storage space. Besides this their best selling package is of $99/month which is for 15 users and contains 15GB storage space.

As Wrike is an online serving business their packages can be ordered directly through the website. Right now they only prefer payments done through credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. They recommend using their free trial first which is of one month to get an idea of software programming and efficiency. During the final 5-7 days of free trial they send a message of pricing and permanent sign up where any of the above stated packages can be selected. Once the payment is done then the package is updated instantly. And most importantly their payment made is totally secured with proper https:// connection. We can see more safety and security information on their security page.

As Wrike offers software and not products it does not have any return facility or a money back guarantee but we can unsubscribe packages any time we want. As stated above instead of that they provide a free trial to their services for one month. Also periodically there are discount schemes in there packages for new as well as existing customers.

See Below how Wrike works……..


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