Simple way for small business owners to increase their productivity by 30 % while lowering their IT costs by 30 %- 50 %


Does your business depend upon your computer network? If the answer is YES, even in an indirect way, take a look. This is one Report you must not overlook.

Have you ever wondered: What is the secret – the magical lamp that transforms a business into a successful business? Why do some businesses prosper while other’s fail? The secret of successful business is simple: lower costs at the same performance level mean greater profits. What if I were to show you how to reduce your costs while increasing your performance and productivity? It is plain common sense that your profits will only increase as a result.

Do you want your profits to increase? Come along then. Are your worried you don’t know business jargon? Don’t worry.  Explore with me in a simple non technical way how to leverage maximum productivity from your network while reducing your costs drastically.

We will look at some cost-saving strategies; explore 16 questions you must ask every time of any network consultant and some insider tips gathered from the best minds in the industry. We will try to identify the faults in the networks of small businesses that tend to prove very costly. We will discover what costs them so heavily in lost sales, productivity and maintenance. We will arrive at a fool proof mechanism that will provide you with an easy, proven way to minimise or completely eliminate this needless expense and ensuing loss.
Increase Productivity

We will identify:

  • The common mistake(s) that most small businesses commit that costs them dear. We will discover how do business owners expose their company data to the danger of being wiped out when they hire a computer consultant?


  • We will examine the common fallacy that most business institutions harbour about their computer networks and end up coughing a gigantic $9000-$60,000 in damages. We will not only identify these fallacies but try and find a counter to them by exploring in depth their cost-increasing consequences.
  • How do you avoid and minimise such losses without compromising on the effectiveness of your network?
  • How will you ensure the effectiveness of your network is enhanced by avoiding frustrating crashes that cost dear, sluggish performance and a host of other related problems?
  • The support mechanisms that ensure this effectiveness at a low fixed monthly rate rather than bleeding sudden princely sums for maintenance.
  • The reason behind the surprising debacle of many small business and explore how the reason is linked up with a reliance on a sub-standard support system.
  • Other factors and techniques that could boost the productivity and output of your network will be examined. We shall try to understand how it can accelerate its progress in gaining an enviable reputation.

Greetings from:


Dear Entrepreneur,

Hello dear friend. By now you must have got a cursory idea of my endeavour – to help you and to boost your growth. You might be sceptical and inquire the reason behind my offer. The answer my friend is that business runs not only on investment but also the good will generated. We are looking to welcome you in our fold as mutually beneficial partners in the strengthening of our industry which is exposed to a great threat – the threat of insecure networks.

Have you ever had nightmares about losing your valuable data? Have you ever experience the frustrating loss of an hour of work simply because you could not find the requisite data. You were certain you had stored it securely and yet at a critical moment it ditches you? No- well then, beware this may be your fate.  Your data may be vulnerable – more vulnerable than you may have guessed.  I can state with absolute certainty that there is great probability – greater than you may have expected of your network being insecure. How do I know? I make this claim out of my experience and the experience of innumerable colleagues across the world. Several independent researches and findings of global companies concur with my experience.

Over my career I have repeatedly encountered situation which arise from completely unexpected situations like the one created by Hurricane Sandy. Have you ever wondered whether your network will withstand the might of such a strong adversary? Have you ever spared a thought to what will be the consequences if a major earthquake, like the one that hit Mexico recently, hits you? Will your network withstand the torrential rains that shook Australia earlier in the year? Or what happens if a sudden problem arose and you were not able to access your network for days – no e-mail, no information, no backup is accessible. Imagine such a nightmarish situation wherein you are suddenly bereft of several days and weeks of work.  Can you imagine losing all your client data base, records of financial and other transactions and all the archives of the work your company has produced?

This may not be a far fetched fantasy as you deem. Many small businesses expose themselves to such a situation through a vicious mixture of flawed systems, glaring loopholes in network security, inaccurate reporting, in existent or weak back up structures. You may live all life in denial thinking this does not happen to me until it happens to you.

How quickly do you think you can recover – that is assuming you will be able to recover. I have several experiences of this occurrence happening to small time business owners. In their ignorance and denial many compromise the security of their network.  They pay heavy costs later but to no avail – once damage has been inflicted the best you can hope for is to contain it. The old adage goes: prevention is better than cure. Until disaster strikes, many companies lie in slumber and try to wake up at the last hour of the catastrophe. Many times, in the process, they tend to incur more damage and compound the damage increasing the recovery cost.

If there is one pattern that has emerged in my experiences of such botch ups it is that the companies fail to tune their systems to their business requirements. Hence delay because of ineffective execution and faulty performance owing to clashing elements arises. Most companies have engaged a computer support but when the hour of crisis comes, the support structure is found wanting. On a conservative estimate, companies end up paying $8000 to $70,000 in repairs and restoration costs.  This estimate excludes the cascading effect it has on your efficiency, productivity and the irreversible damage caused to your reputation owing to delayed delivery of products. If your server has experienced a snag before you can gauge the frustration it will entail – this will be frustration multiplied a thousand times over.

This is the reason that prompts me to write this report for all the business owners in our ambit of good will to apprise and educate them the pre requisites to tick off in their selection of a computer consultant. I am often appalled at the amateurish lapses on part of these professional consultants. I am often pained by the way the client pays for no fault of his as these phony experts confound the client. One is better off with no knowledge than little knowledge or so the adage says. Let us arrive at a litmus test that can come in handy to you for assessing whether or not your computer network is being supported efficiently and is insured against danger.

Consider this:Consider growing

Infonetics Research – an international market research and consulting firm covering the data networking and telecommunications industries across the three continents of North America, Europe, and Asia estimates that companies lose 2 percent to 16 percent of annual revenues because of losses associated with network downtime.  Hardware malfunctioning results in a loss of 12.3 hours annually, software faults account for 26.3 hours while service provider errors cause a loss of 23.5 hours annually. This implies companies lose anywhere an average of $867,000 in total downtime annually; $250,000 in annual productivity loss, and $609,000 in annual revenue loss. It estimates that companies can lose up to $151,000 owing to faulty network products, $65800 in security related problems and $135,200 owing to malfunctioning servers. It estimates that application problems are the leading source of the “downtime in all verticals”.  The companies lie vulnerable to lose an estimated “one-fifth to two-fifths of the total annual downtime cost” to this problem.

The amount of spam email was between 88–92% of email messages sent in the first half of 2010. (Source: Message Anti-Abuse Working Group)

About 70% of business people have experienced (or will experience) data loss due to accidental deletion, disk or system failure, viruses, fire or some other disaster (Source: Carbonite, an online backup service)

The business world in this year has suffered from one set back after another. The Bank of England has warned that the UK economy is vulnerable to a triple-dip recession amid a period of persistently low growth that will last until the next election. (Source: Guardian 14th November 2012). Meanwhile a Congress Budget office report has predicted that Spending cuts and tax rises due to take effect in 2013 could trigger a sharp slowdown in the US economy (Source BBC News 22 August 2012). In this gloomy atmosphere it is no wonder that businesses are reluctant to hiring a full time experienced technician for their network maintenance. Usually companies tend to take the short cut and assign the portfolio of a part-time IT manager to the person with the greatest technical expertise.

However rather than saving the costs, it proves to be a major cause of non-returning expenditure. As the reports above show companies are very prone to recurring non-returning expenditure which results in an irreversible loss of time, productivity and reputation besides inestimable frustration and mental anguish. It is therefore imperative, more than ever in this declining market and hence greater competition for survival, to strengthen their network. A saving on the network may come back to hit you squarely and cause more loss than the expenditure you will incur on a trained networking professional.

Are you worried now? What will happen to your company’s network now? Are you rushing to hire a trained professional for your network? STOP! I am here to help you and help you identify the most effective computer professional. Identification of the correct professional is absolutely and as important as hiring one. You would not desire a scenario to arise where you spend your money despite a tight budget and watch in horror as it goes down the drain.

I am supplying you with an inventory of questions to ask of your computer support professional. If s/he fails to score a yes on even one point chances are high that you could be paying for sub standard support which leaves you exposed to the immense threats we exposed above.


  1. Is your network under their constant surveillance? Are your networks being monitored 24*7 365 days of a year for critical updates, maintaining and updating security settings, virus definitions and security patches? This is important for this prevents your computer from being accessible to outside threats. In case your company does not offer this service you are a sitting duck for disaster. Before you know and realize what is going on you will be propelled headlong into the whirlwind of mounting expenditure, lost time and accumulation of incomplete assignments. Needless to say the bruising your company psyche will suffer even if it manages to overcome the financial obstacle will be terrible

In this world of powerful and efficient technology there are a host of technologies that can assist a professional in the identification and resolution of a problem. Several technologies allow forecasting the problem and take effective counter-mechanisms to evade it. Good companies will ensure they utilize these tools to minimize your loss of productivity. Remember your computer company is obliged to keep you posted and informed about the latest technological innovations such that you are able to increase your efficiency in your output.

  1. Does your company respond immediately to your support issues? The standard limit for response is 1 hour – does the company try and answer your phones ‘live’ to resolve the problem or halt the damage till the technician arrives? So in case you are wondering whether you should call again within 10 minutes, 6 hours or 2 days remember the limit of one hour. Normally you should be able to get through with the call and get help immediately. But in case if you have left a message, remember that they are obliged to respond within one hour.
  1. Does your computer consultant insist on maintaining an efficient onsite and offsite backups to insure your data? An offsite back up can prove to be the crucial difference between the loss of a recoverable day of business and a non-recoverable loss of business. It implies that you are insured even against a calamitous event like fire or flood as your data is saved at another location. You would do well here to remember that the loss of business does not just mean the loss of an opportunity to earn. It rather implies a cyclic loss of business that has a cascading effect on the business opportunities that were potentially yours. Once word gets around in the market that your company is not to be trusted as it fails to deliver on the promised results, you will be mired in an ever expanding chasm of loss.
  1. Does your computer consultant perform periodic test restoration of your back up to insure you against data loss owing to data corruption such that it can even be restored in case a disaster strikes? Umpteen true stories exist where business owners thought they had a security mechanism in place and impeccable back up. It was only when disaster struck and the need for back up arose did they realize to their dismay that the backups were faulty – either they could not be read or even if it could be read it was faulty reading. The only way to ensure that the backups are secure and sound is to test them often. This will lead you to be sure that you can restore data from them before the situation turns critical.
  1. Does your computer company provide you with a detailed, lucid, written network documentation that describe the licenses you possess- the critical and all too important network passwords and hardware information? It is imperative that you must be provided access all the licensing information regarding data and data that is related to your servers and networking equipment. It is desirable that your computer technician would provide you with a list of contacts that you may need to case in case a need arises. This assumes significance in case of a change of the charge of the maintenance operations. The new maintenance company will find the going much easier if it is in possession of this information rather than in its absence.
  1. Does your support company come up with innovative mechanisms to consistently enhance your network’s effectiveness or do they leave the soul searching to the post- apocalypse period to iron out the chinks and offer their recommendations? In the ideal normal situation your support company must analyse the technological plan(s) consistently preferably after the end of an appropriate time period say six months or year. This will help you to be well informed about the status of your work stations and servers such that you can plan and budget properly and effectively about replacements or upgrading without a last minute crisis. The consultant is obliged to intimate to you the latest technological replacements that can leverage your business within a prescribed budget.
  1. Does your computer consultant attempt to keep you apprised of the work-done estimate in an understandable language rather than in technical jargon? Jargon merely confuses rather than providing with a clear impression let alone an accurate one. It is absurd to assume that the work that is being conducted cannot be explained in simple English. True some technical terms cannot be got around but a) such terms are very rare b) by an explanation of the underlying process the same can be explained to a satisfactory level. Yes it will take a little more time than usual but if your consultant betrays any signs of impatience it is time to bid him good bye and engage a new consultant.
  1. Are projects being executed in a time – bound manner and within the budget estimated at the outset? Or do projects get inevitably and regularly delayed which as a natural consequence strains the budget beyond the estimated limit? It is perfectly acceptable that once in a while say an eighteenth or nineteenth time an unavoidable circumstance(s) will cause a reasonable delay. Sometimes the unexpected does crop up and lead to the deadline being missed.

However a regular missing of the deadline implies that “something is rotten in your consultancy”. Not only does it cause you irreparable loss but it poses a problem of identity too.

Moreover it is the prerogative of the consultancy to inform you at the earliest about the violation of the deadline. If you are constantly being kept in the dark it implies something needs to be set right. If you are informed of the deadline being missed when you inquire after the deadline it reeks of unprofessional ism.  Unprofessional ism has no place in a professional set up and must be instantly shunted lest the rot spread to your setup too. You will not desire to be labelled as an indulgent employer who tolerates violation of deadlines. Before you know you will be facing a chronic problem with your set-up too.

On no account must you be striving to hanker after your consultancy to be apprised of the latest developments.


  1. Does your consultant offer you a guarantee of quality service? A hallmark of a successful and efficient professional is the confidence in his skills and his ability to manage your technology in a successful run mode. In case the professional consultant hesitates and shows a reluctance to offer guaranteed services you can be sure of his vacillating confidence. You sure would not want to place your network in the hands of a man who is not confident of his own competence – if you do you have only yourself to blame in case of a mishap.
  1. Does your computer consultant offer you clear legible and detailed invoices that explain unambiguously the services/times you have been charged for? You might not be concerned with the details but the billing speaks volumes about the company you are transacting with. It speaks of a professional approach – one that relies on a sincere and honest approach rather than an unethical practice to further its business.

The moot point is that in case of a clear detailed invoice you can refer to it to check whether it is a recurrence of a problem or a new problem. This further has the advantage of being handy as it lessens the effort. If it is a recurrence the consultant simply has to study the invoice and follow it rather than devise a solution by reducing possibilities. Besides there is a very strong possibility that it will serve as a precedent and be aid of someone else who might experience the same problem. As any successful entrepreneur will tell you generating good will among your fellow-players is a key to building a successful business ethic and ultimately a rewarding one. Remember the old adage “what goes around, comes around”: it might very save you some time and money in the future.

  1. Does your company rely on one or two consultants only who do all the technical work? Ensure that the company has a decent coterie of technical staff who can all serve as substitutes for each other. This is a very important aspect as you might realize to your peril if the day a distress call arises and the technician is laid down with ill health or is engaged otherwise say on leave. The company must ensure that by an effective co-operation and transfer of information each member of the coterie is sufficiently aware and trained in the intricacies of your network. This will ensure that in case of an emergency any member of the coterie can fit in seamlessly and iron out the fault whatsoever it may be. If this is not possible for the company you must insist at least for a coterie that has experience in handling networks which are similar or closely similar to your network so that the new consultant does not have to spend much time and your money to figure out the problem.
  1. Does the computer consultant(s)/technician(s) maintain an inventory of current vendor certifications? Do they participate in the training programs to constantly refurbish themselves? Or do you suspect that all the learning they do, they do it by treating your network as the guinea-pig? Technology in the modern world is always a changing. It is exceedingly rare to see a month or week pass by when a new technological challenge has not been issued. Investigation, study and keeping a track of the results are a must. However if your computer expert always calls another vendor/ consultant to figure out a solution to the problem or tries to tackle the situation with the aid of a reference book or googles it, you can bet your last dime that it is not going to end well in all probability.

It is illogical to expect that your consultant shall be equipped with an answer to every problem and have a ready made solution to every issue but if it is a habit with him to do research at your expense then you may as well put your foot down and require that either the company pay for his research or you simply opt for a different company that accepts this condition.

  1. Is the computer consultant in the habit of attending to the calls/ emails of other clients while working on your network? You would do well to remember here that the time he spends on your network is billable and the time spent in these conversations will have to be paid by you. To add insult to injury the problem with such an approach is that not only does it result in an undesirable distraction and violation of business ethics but it also poses a serious danger of mixing up the problems.

It has been scientifically proven that the sub conscious can exert a sizable influence on the consciousness. If there is something regarding the problem of the other, that is playing on the mind of your consultant it can very well mix with your problem and result in disaster. Can you imagine what will be the consequences of a situation which arises because your consultant engrossed with the crash of the other’s server gave an incorrect command to reboot the server while he had almost finished installing it? Of course there is the small matter of money and time but this can very well result in a more complex and irreparable situation if a wrong command deletes a crucial file or corrupts a key application. Discretion is the better part of valour and you will be well advised to heed to the aphorism for prevention’s is far better than cure and a change in time saves dimes many a time

  1. Does your computer company offer you regular updates on its progress achieved in various projects? Or do you have to prod them and manage the progress chart yourself after inquiring from them? Ideally your computer support company should provide you regular updates, follow up mails and work to be done estimates regularly on itself, without your requiring of a request for the said information. The very purpose of hiring a consultant is defeated if you are not being apprised regularly of the health of your network.

A good computer support company should work round the year to ensure that things run smoothly and do so while maintaining an effective communication with the client even in times where everything is running smoothly. Weekly and monthly reports tabulating the health of the network, work station cleanups and security patches that have been installed should be forwarded to you irrespective of whether or not you demand them.

  1. Is your computer consultant punctual? Does he dress appropriately? The feeling of waiting passively for someone who fails to turn up on the appointed time is excruciating and irritation amplified to say the least.  It conveys an air of casual indifference and irreverence towards you. Apart from its being culpable and highly infectious, it serves as a bad precedent. And once you have accepted the precedent it will be increasingly hard for you to part with the spectre of this unpunctuality  Before it is too late, take charge and either ensure that he remedies this habit or you engage a new consultant.

Dress is also important. The dressing sense of your computer professional reflects his attitude towards his profession. Professional set ups demand a certain etiquette both in dress and behavior  A dirty casual looking technician should ring alarm bells because it reflects an arrogance and defiance to business ethics that is neither desirable nor tolerable. For it is apparent that such an attitude will reflect in his business transactions and it sure does not promise to make life easier for you.

  1. Does your consultant charge you a fixed rate or fixed fee per project or does he offer an ambiguous rate with reference to “time and materials”? You should not hesitate to quote a fixed rate with your projects. If you have experience in getting such projects executed then you should have a fair idea of the costs it will entail.

It is important for you to check whether the “all-inclusive” support plan in the fixed rate plan is indeed truly all inclusive and guard against any loopholes. Check whether you all inclusive plans offer a truly comprehensive plan and all bases are covered. Remember the written word is law and taken for granted is not admissible in arbitration or at the critical juncture of payment. Ensure that your plan covers these fields:

  • Is phone/e-mail help desk included, or do you have to shell extra money for it?
  • What is the stipulation about adding/removing users?
  • Has hardware and/or software been included?
  • Is third-party software support included in the plan?
  • What are the costs/consequences of an early cancellation?
  • In case of your dissatisfaction with the services being provided, is there a stipulation for refunding/penalty to be paid by the company?
  • Are offsite backups included in the plan? If yes to what level is it included? Does all data come under its ambit or only some part is included while the rest is omitted.
  • In case of an unforeseen major disaster, does restoration of your network come within the agreement or will you have to pay extra for it?
  • Are onsite support calls covered?
  • Is support to remote offices covered?
  • Does the consultant access your network via a home? Is this construed as an extra-time or is it included or is it included within your agreement.

Money Grows

  1. In case a snag crops in your Internet service, phone systems, printers or other IT services, does the company own the problem or does it shrug off as “it is not our headache”?  Ideally your company should own the problem for our clients so that you don’t have to be bereft of professional assistance and try to set things right yourself. Trying to remedy the snag yourself might lead to a complication and compounding of the problem rather than its resolution and hence a greater amount of money, time and frustration. This is just plain old courtesy many computer consultants won’t extend.
  1. In case of a major unexpected disaster does your consultant have a written modus-operandi on how to recover your data quickly and/or enable you to work from a remote location immediately? You might argue that the nature of disaster being unforeseen what is the prudence of chalking out a management plan in advance. The answer to this question is “there is nothing new under the sun. It has all been done before”. It will be once in a blue moon that the problem that has arisen is an entirely novel one and has no precedent to refer to. Even the most novel problems will have a basic pattern or two which resembles a prior problem. It is the duty of the consultant to enumerate the most likely problems to arise from an appraisal of your network.

Ideally you should be provided with a simple disaster recovery plan for your data and network. The company/consultant should encourage that you formulate a full disaster recovery plan for you office, but at a minimum, your network and servers should be covered should something untoward arise.

  1. Does your consultant/company offer you a written, guaranteed response time to your calls? Ideally they should guarantee a technician working on your critical problem within a fixed appropriate time range say sixty minutes or less of your call. This clause must be written into every service agreement that you enter into, as this is normal standard procedure.


  1. Does your company/consultant possess adequate professional indemnity insurance and/or workers’ compensation insurance? You might very well shrug it off as beyond the scope of your consideration, but this is something that is of direct consequence to you.

Let us consider the situation we highlighted in question number thirteen. If a fault that is damaging to your network occurs as a consequence of a company/technician’s mismanagement, who will pay for it? Who will pay for the loss you will incur if your network is down for hours or days altogether or to lose data?

Another question for you to consider is: If one of their technicians gets injured at your office in any manner howsoever, who will pay for it? What if he is fired on the basis of your feedback about his unsatisfactory performance and is allotted unsatisfactory severance pay? In the modern world where litigation is carried out at every drop of the hat, you would not want to be exposed to doing business with a company that is not insured with both professional indemnity insurance and/or workers‟ compensation. Do not hesitate in demanding to see and check the company/consultant’s latest insurance policies.

  1. Does the support company/consultant aid you in transforming your vision into reality? Successful business is not short-term oriented; rather it focuses on the macro-vision: the long term. Merely obtaining short term results and being able to cut on your immediate expenditure is no guarantee of future success. Ideally your company/consultant must be able to help in actively in realizing your vision for the long term and ensure that your long-term business plans are complimented by an equally futuristic technology and discerning support.

You would do well to inquire of your support company/consultant about the acceptability of its solutions over a specific period in the future say the next four years. How do these solutions incorporate the potential growth and dynamic requirements of your company over the identified period?

  1. Is your support company well versed and skilled in the basics? Possessing the latest and fresh out of stock technology is fun and alluring indeed yet many “boring essentials” tend to get overlooked in the process. An effective good support company must raise these issues as obligatory upon it to monitor and incorporate the following aspects in its plans: hardware stagnation and consequent redundancy, system backup and recovery plans, preventative monitoring and realistic budgeting for maintenance. Remember every skyscraper starts with a single block. Every advanced function has an essential basic function at its back.
  1. Is your support company cognizant of the issues integral to your business? Technology is not an end in itself but merely a means to achieve the end of a thriving business. There is a huge difference between knowing computers and knowing about computers.  You don’t require high flying academic prodigies but someone who has a first-hand experience in real business issues.

You require someone who will delineate the solutions that are specific and tailor made for your business. The support company should be able to assist you in improving your capacity to understand your clients and by extension your business. The support staff/consultant should be able to appraise you about the mechanisms inherent in the solutions that will improve the productivity of your network and your staff. You should be provided with a clear idea of the risks entailed and involved in adoption of the technology/solution offered. The solution offered should be a key aspect in your successful formulation of realistic plans and cover all the expenses incurred.

  1. Does the company actually take pleasure and pride in what it does? Mere competence is insufficient, as work without passion is a dreary prospect.  Unless the company technician/consultant is excited and interested emotionally in what they do, it is unlikely to bring a new dimension to the table.

Computer networks are truly fun when their capacity to accelerate your performance in achieving results is appreciated fully.

Motivation is a key aspect in any perceptive context and it leads to performance enhancement almost single- handily. A disinterested consultant will not be motivated to update his knowledge of new technology and new security risk. Neither he will care about your specific requirements nor try to appraise you about template solutions. Make sure you engage the company who truly motivates its staff; otherwise you might just end up “beating the dead horse” as the aphorism goes.

Has your current computer support company failed this test :

We understand that in this busy taxing world you might ignore or forget to apprise yourself of the security and vulnerabilities of your network. It is only a major crisis that serves as a wake up call. To solve your predicament I offer the services of our company. We offer to undertake a Network Audit worth ___________ for just _____.

Please consider this as a gentle reminder to get your network scanned for any chinks. You might want to consider it as an effective way of ensuring a third party review of your network security. Why are we offering you such a low price in this sluggish business world of today’s recession hit market? It is simply we desire to extend our repertoire of friendly companies that we have not yet had the pleasure of working with.

We intend to alight at your office to:

  • Examine the settings of your firewall’s security settings to insure you against latest hacker attacks, worms and viruses.
  • Search for any spyware that might be embedded stealthily in your network. Such spyware steals your network’s bandwidth that has an inimical effect on the speed and performance of your network. Besides spyware siphons confidential information about your employee database and business data.
  • Examine and analyse your networks backup system to ensure it is effective. We will test it to arrive at an opinion about whether it is working properly and saving an accurate back up of all those critical files and information that you would never dream of losing even in your worst nightmares.
  • Examine your systems to figure out whether or not you are equipped with the latest up to date security patches. An omission of even one update jeopardizes your network and lays it vulnerable to attacks.
  • Identify and examine slow unstable PC’s and try to arrive at an effective diagnosis for them such that they become effective and performing again.
  • Examine and analyze your network traffic and apprise you about how it is being used. We will give you an opinion about the factors that may be hindering the flow of traffic to your network and how to remove those bottlenecks.

Reflect a moment on this:

Is there something more precious and important to your network than the data on it? Can you conjure the vision of how devastated you will be if you lose it? You find it rather impossible and beyond your worst nightmares, do you not?

This is precisely the reason why conduction of this review is important. We will conduct a review so that you are doubly assured of the safety and strength of your network.

How do you go about it

It is simple and takes only a couple of minutes. To get your personalized Network Audit just complete and mail/fax in the annexed response form to our office. Or if you feel that speaking to me is the best way to go about it, you are welcome to it too. I shall only be too glad to talk to you at ___________.

We will schedule an audit at your earliest convenience, as soon as we receive your request. At the convenient time our technician(s) will wend to your office and conduct a complete comprehensive and all-covering audit of your network.

When we conclude our audit we will supply you with an detailed report about the problems, threats and vulnerable areas that need to be addressed in basic easily comprehensible .language. Moreover if we detect a problem or chink we will supply you with a recommended action plan along with a fixed fee quote. The quote is ‘fixed’ – in its most inclusive sense as the fees we will charge for a guarantee-proof rectification of these areas.  There are no hidden fees involved, no tempting sugary baits for you to switch to us.

Remember we attest that you are under no obligation to us to do or buy anything from us. The submission of the form is purely for permitting our technician to examine your network as a third party inspection. If we arrive at the conclusion that everything is safe and sound with your network we will gladly inform you about the same. We will breathe a collective sigh of relief that a network is insured against unethical hackers and external/internal threats.

Tention Free Growth


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