” Peter Miranda Sports” – Sporting Equipment’s and Sports Net Specialists

Australian Sports has its special identity among the world, whether there are cricket leagues like Big Bash or Sheffield league or special events like Ashes and Melbourne Cup as well as other leagues in football, hockey and tennis. And when there is lot of sport in Australia obviously there will be sport product manufacturing companies in Australia. Sport is not only what we see in front of camera, but behind camera there are many things which are being managed by individuals and committees. All the sports equipment which are to be involved are thoroughly checked by quality analyst and management board. Hence, we see that all the sports production companies are always on hood to give their best. Peter Miranda Sports is one such leading company which is specialized in making Sporting equipment and Sports Net.

This company is famous for making high quality products like Goals, Goal Posts, nets, padding, cricket pitches, synthetic grass, line marking installations and net repairs . The principle of this company named “Peter Miranda” started this project in 1972 within a small store along with his brother les. Today after many many improvements, this store got developed into a leading company called “Peter Miranda Sports” which is located in Adelaide.They provide services into various sports like AFL Football, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball and many more.

Company has appointed highly qualified professionals right from the manufacturing department up to the production department, who all together manage each and every project perfectly. Sir Peter Miranda personally oversees each job to ensure it is of highest quality and completed in time. They use high quality material in preparation of all equipment including soccer net, soccer goals and football goals. Their aim is to be picture perfect in all projects they undergo. Since there start in 1972, they are improving in every sect to which they belong and hence after examine the work and there experience of many years they recently got opportunity to serve grand slam cup held in Australia. And also, they are leading suppliers of equipment required in cricket for all seasons every year.

Apart from this, Peter Miranda Sports work for all 365 days in year to supply and install equipment to states, schools, colleges, councils and academy throughout Australia. there recent projects include fitting of all sporting hardware consisting soccer nets, football nets, etc in Gladstone recreation center, installation of window protection nets of school situated in Nhulunbuy NT, installation of spectator protection net in Adelaide football club and installation of golf course net in regency park. Till today, they have successfully completed number of such projects and are undergoing many more.

Due to increase in project demands, and to get connected to the world remotely they recently rebuilt their website named http://www.pmsports.com.au/ which has their contact details and facility to contact them online. The website also consist all the information about Peter Miranda Sports including their blog, products, services, photo gallery and completed projects. Besides their main company based in Adelaide, they have Stores situated in all the main cities of Australia. These stores have stocks of their manufactured products like football goals, football goal nets and soccer nets for sale. Products also include cricket pitches, goals and goal posts, safety padding, synthetic grass and dry court sweeper.

We can say that Peter Miranda Sports is a best solution for buying sporty equipment in all over Australia. Either it is cricket, tennis, netball, football or Australian Rules football, Peter Miranda sports is ready to take care of installation and equipments.


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