A Mysterious Incident At Jaysingpur Railway Station

How many of you believe in GHOST?  we meet many peoples telling us  ghosts stories as if themselves they have seen it. Frankly speaking, I don’t  believe in Ghosts or Creatures as in today’s scientific world, our atmosphere is filled with waves, radiations of newgen technologies and CCTV cameras, sensors along with many such things spread everywhere. So how can there be a place remained for Ghosts, isn’t it?

But now I am going to share a real incident happened with none other then me at Jaysingpur railway station.  An incident which kept my eyes frozen for long long time and still I don’t understand what the hell was that!……… “Whether I saw a miracle shown by a magician or he actually was a ghost”. Help me find out at the end if you succeed to figure out……. let’s start the real story.

Three years back in 2009 I was living in Jaysingpur (a small town in Kolhapur district), where I was completing my graduation. It was my first year and within few months I got familiar with localities and streets of that town. My daily schedule was normal like getting up late in the morning rushing to the college and after whole day of studies come back to room. I had a room partner named Aniruddha Joshi to whom we use to call “Anya”.  At night, after dinner we both use to go for a walk which was certainly a long walk till railway station. Jaysingpur railway station was situated around 5 km away from town in a uncanny farm place where no one accept us use to go at night. We use to go and sit on the bench on platform for some time. Anya had a smoking habbit, and he use to smoke two-three cigarettes till we sit there. The last train arriving at the station was at 10:30 pm, which use to stay there hardly for three to five minutes and again rush away to last station kolhapur. There was a station master who too use to go home after departure of last train.

Even THAT DAY, all went same accept one thing!…………  We stayed there for long time even after train passed away to kolhapur. Maybe for more two-three hours… And that’s where we got mistaken. We should had not stayed there for that long time. But Alas! we had stayed there for observing upcoming mystery.

So on that day, means on 26 December, we went to the railway station and sat on our regular bench as usual. Wind was very cold and was freezing both of us. Anya took his cigarette and started smoking which helped him a bit to get well warmed, but I was feeling the winter and was shivering badly. Train came and passed away in no time. Two-three passengers who got out of train, once looked at us and walked away. After the station master went home every thing got silent and only we both remained on station.

My eyes were moving allover. No one was there, No one…. Not even a street dog.  A tube light at the gate was beeping continuously. We sat there talking with each other for a long time. Anya was breathing smoke and I was sitting aside him. I can’t say exactly how much time it was as we both had nothing with us to check time but approximately after two hours or a bit more, we saw a shadow of a man standing near the gate. Shadow was fallen long up till our legs due to that flashing tube light. We looked at him…. he was far away from us and so his face was unseeable. We ignored him thinking that may be he has come to walk same like us. But no, even after 10 minutes he was still standing in same position not even moving his hands or legs.

We felt strange about him and I was thinking why he is standing like that? and who must be he?. Anya was also looking at him with a strange feeling. After a while he moved… he started coming towards us and when he came near us he blown a torch on our face. We were still quite but I still remember that time when my heartbeats were beating vigorously. He looked at our faces for sometime and asked ‘Who are you?”. His voice was hard and was introducing his strong personality… Anya introduced ourselves to him and said “We have come here to sit for a while.”  He was quite for sometime and then came and sat in middle of both of us. I asked him who he is, on which he replied that he is a watchman of railway station and is on duty. I felt better after listening to his words and all other things dancing in my mind vanished away. I said to him “Sir, its too late and we must go now”… and I indicated anya with my eyes to move… We were about to stand that the watchman held us down again.  He said “Its already late then sit for a while, we will talk for sometime and then you go”.

Don’t know why, but I felt strange about him. Anya was alright and was talking with him. They both were discussing about a robbery happened a week ago in the town and I was continuously thinking about him. His standing like a statue for a long time near that gate was forcing me to think about him. I was also looking at him again and again… he was a ordinary person with regular moves and facial expressions. He was laughing, blinking his eyes,breathing, and was doing all usual things. Then why I was feeling uneasy in his company?

Half an hour past with a same way and finally I said Uncle, we must go now, we will meet you again some other day. he paused for a while and said OK, go slowly and be careful. I said yes, of course and we moved on….. Hardly we both took few steps and I looked back…. What the Fuck! where was he?????????????

he was No where…… God Promise he was no where on whole platform. I searched him around but he was disappeared all of a sudden. And there was no such place near that bench where he could had hide in few seconds. Then where was he? I still don’t know the answer. I looked at anya, he was about to shout until I held his hand strongly and started running….

We were running and were scribbling just one word again and again… Run… Run…

I don’t know how longed we ran but when we looked upwards we had entered in city and were surrounded with houses and buildings. But still we ran till our room.

That night and even next couple of nights, we did’t sleep. We were thinking about him but unable to find the answer. we got frightened but we were not scary people. We decided to go there again and find the truth… and hence we went, we kept going every one after another day till the last day of our graduation. But we never saw him again nor we were able to find the answer of his sudden disappearance.

Today, Anya and I are not together but when we meet we always speak about that incident……

  1. Who was he? Was that a ghost? then why didn’t it harmed us?
  2. was that a miracle?
  3. surely it was not a hallucination or our eye disorder…. We both saw him at a time.

Can you explain What the hell was that??????????????


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  1. wow….horror story…..sshh………koi hai……….i like this story……i love such stories…thanks for sharing your experience….

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