Mobile Application Development

In today’s growing market of mobile phones we need better software’s to overcome our needs faster. Hence, for fulfilling this human demands, number of mobile applications are been invented by developers through mobile application development.

Mobile application development is a process of creating various software’s for small devices like mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, pdf’s and so on. The most popular Smartphone platforms that support mobile apps are Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, Java ME and Palm. Mobile apps come preloaded in a smart phone, else; customers can download them from other distribution platforms like google play, appstore as well. Mobile apps are divided into various categories such as games, eBooks, etc with lot of features. Applications can also be delivered using server-side or client-side processing for e.g. javascript.

Thus, if we step ahead in this subject of Mobile Application Development, we will get useful info about it more deeply. Let’s carry on….

Mobile Application Development is similar to Web Application Development. Only one difference between them is mobile apps are built to load quickly on a cellular network. Numbers of app developing companies are stable in this business from a long era and they design apps with a new stringent technology and enterprise to give their best results to customers. Businesses decide two things before startup, platform and price; they have to decide whether an app is to be made for iphone or an android device. This is decided after examine demands and availability in market. As for pricing, sometimes free apps and premium apps are placed all together in the market and after looking at the revenue from customers, stepwise they are been upgraded and regarding free apps, they are add supported, businesses have to decide which add network is beneficial to them in order to get good revenue.  

Development process starts with testing which consists of two different ways, first is by using emulators like google android emulator, eggplant, mobione, etc and other is field testing. Apps need to be easy to use, fun, and intuitive as people are so unforgiving and most important thing is they have limited mobile storage space, so businesses have to take care of memory needed for specific application.  After perfect formation of app, experts have to give an attractive design which is supposed to be user-friendly.

Finally, developing a mobile app is not an individual process. A team work, together look after the capabilities of apps and what customers actually need. Writing a flexibly customized app having full services in accordance to what customers require and related to any industry, such as engineering, manufacturing, travelling, health, etc is the primary aim of every business in present era. Now-a-days, large numbers of mobile apps are coming in the corporate world but it’s a never ending stuff as it is something which will be demanded more and more…

In the future, majority of mobile application development efforts will focus on creating browser-based applications that are device-agnostic because it will be easy for customers to have a finger-friendly experience while using those particular apps. 


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