Introduction of Wedding Guests Books and its Advantages

Now a days, almost all the people want their ceremonies to be most memorable. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, get together or wedding ceremony they not only themselves but also want their guests to keep the memories in their mind lifelong. Wedding is one of the prestigious and important event in concerned to someone’s life especially in India. Indians will always try to make it special and eye catching for others. New trends and Ideas come along every year and get popular within no time.

One such latest trend in India now a days is to make and store “Wedding Guests Book”. This was invented in foreign nations a long back but in our India it’s slowly getting familiar to peoples and that too in remarkable ratio.

Here, we will go closer towards this concept of Wedding Guests Book and will actually know the benefits of it. The intention behind this is to provide these ideas to more and more people so that they will make use of it and remember their EVENTS for many many years. Let’s go!

Its a fact that Content Speaks a Lot!

We know that content written has more meaning than content spoken. And secondly, if this content is arranged in attractive manner then it will attract others towards it. Wedding Guests Books do the same. Imagine that, you decide to clean your cupboard on Sundays and suddenly you put your hands on your wedding guest book after which you sit on your sofa and get lost into the memories.

This is that book which will have all the content including images, poems, and thoughts of your guests along with other memories of your ceremony. It will remind you many moments of your wedding like who attended it, how they looked like, there expressions, what were there thoughts about your lovely event and which present they bought for you. Not only your guests but you will also remember your close relatives and loved ones to whom you will call and re-cherish those memories.

Quality matters than Quantity

Now it’s True, Your Wedding Guest Book must be excellent in presentation, must possess combination of words, poems and images linked in proper manner. And most important is the material used must be high in quality and should last lifelong. You can get this all done from any of the best imaging company established long ago and has gained lots of experienced.

The reason I said this because they have experts to take care of all this things. They include that stuff in your Wedding Guest Book which normally doesn’t come in our mind, especially on a wedding day which is the most busy day of everyone’s life.

What they do is, they cover all the guests, click their images and ask them to give their thoughts, along with autographs, quotes or poems if they can. Also they ask them about what they feel at that important ceremony and what they want to say about you and your beloved partner. They will capture your photos along with attending guests and finally when they are all done, they will execute all the gathered data in a stunning and long lasting Wedding Guest Book. This is that simple. What else can you expect?

But wait, that’s not the easy end of your ceremony. They will show you different types of themes and also ask you about your favorite colors and lastly when you satisfy with your choice, they will design and hand you a book which will definitely please your mind. Ya!

It takes lot of efforts and skills, but they inculcate easily and within no time they give it to you.

Now at last, when you have got somewhat familiar with this concept of Wedding Guest Book, Use it the very next time you have such ceremony and let the guests feel like they all are engaged in some interesting stuff instead of sitting like a statue. Have Fun!


Wedding cards, categories and “PHOTOJAANIC”

Preparation of wedding cards is the most important factor in anybody’s wedding ceremony. Your wedding card reflects your status, so photojaanic has given more value to create these special cards. They have significant range of designs and themes for wedding cards which will pleased your eyes as well as your mind when you will have to look on it.

Lets us look at what photojaanic brings you in this category.

Photojaanic types of wedding cards.

Greeting cards

In section of products, photojaanic has a link of greeting cards which sends you in the world of various types of cards in different categories which also has the option of wedding cards. Select any of cards you want and feel that your beloved couples will be happy having it. Many of such cards are available in their shelf in affordable prices which you will love and wide range of themes and design will always force you to buy a spare one. And that’s not the fault of photojaanic, grab it and use it somewhere else.

Invitation cards

One of the most important factor regarding wedding is the preparation of invitation card. Just go online and Google photojaanic to surprise yourself with the range of invitation cards. They are specially designed in ample range of categories like single cover cards, folding cards, and cards with attractive covers and colorful envelops. Creativity is basic idea of photojaanic and their finishing touch is simply incredible.

Thank you cards

This is somewhat fishy, because after giving grand ceremony you need to thank people for specially coming and giving their warm wishes and blessings. Here, photojaanic has answer for you. They have created some simple but dynamic Thank you cards which are smooth looking and fully attractive. Content written is always remembered by your loved ones and therefore photojaanic has used this thing in Thank you card but in technical way. They have included meaningful quotes and message giving poems along with lovely images and incredible designs to this thank you cards. Always take someone along with you to buy these cards as you alone will never spot a single card.

Photojaanic always keeps on updating their ways, use of creativity and their brains of development.

After all, they are the one to implement your ideas into promise you with 100% satisfaction.

Santa named “Photojaanic” has a bag full of mighty Gifts

Sorry to be after long long days, thats true na, when we get stuck somewhere its enough to forget everything else. The same happened with me. But, here I come with one another informatic blog post. Its on Photojannic. A e-commerce company situated in GOA and headquartered in Singapore. Lets go for the discription.

Being an ecommerce company photojaanic has cemented their roots in the world of Imaging for last 30 years. Creating high class photo products and satisfying their customers gives them real pleasure. Photojaanic is part of New Vision Imaging (NVI) which are one of all time associates with Konica Minolta, Polaroid, and HP, and also been the exclusive fulfillment partner for snapfish. They are spread in about 30,000 sq. ft. of precision equipment and are inclusive of 150 specially trained and qualified employees which are always passionate towards their work.

They manufacture love, emotions and memories in the form of photo books, calendars, gifts, stationery and canvases for their customers. They are doing this for many years and are gaining customers praises along with their smiling faces because of their hard and never changing work. Just like santa claus who has his bag full of gifts and chocolates, Their basket is full of wide range of products.

Let’s look at range of products specially designed by photojaanic.

Their products are divided into categories like photo book products, portrait products, stationery, photo gifts and calendars.

Photo book Products

In photo book products there are dust jacket books with detachable outer covers to protect your bound book and safely keep your records. Image wrap books, which are made with the combination of one or two images on single page looking absolutely stunning, and also soft cover books to use on any file or register as your remarkable identity.

Portrait Products

In portrait products their include gallery wrap canvases without frames which always seem perfect on walls along with Posters they provide in amazing looks. There are also collage posters which are again made with the combination of five to six small images and bound according to your memories to give magnificent look. Various types of prints are also available in portrait products which you can use wherever you feel suitable.

Stationery Products

Stationery products are full of products which show creativeness by photojaanic, like greeting cards, notebooks, notepads and stickers. Simple and efficient look count them different from others. Notebooks with your images printed on its cover are so incredible that they will surely help you figure out yourself different among everybody. Absolutely stunning!


You can present your loved ones a bunch of gifts like mugs, mouse pads, key chains, T-Shirts along with sporty drink bottles, money bank and playing cards with their images or any other lovely images printed on it. This shelf is full of all such incredible stuff.


Including all the above things they also have various types of calendars among which desktop/wall calendars and poster calendars are very popular. You may use it in your home as well as in your offices or cabins.

Hence, you can buy all that you feel amazing just by going to their web store or also you can order anything special by simply using their contact us menu. Photojaanic will provide you with your all requirements in no time and also with 100% satisfaction guarantee and that too in affordable prices.

In short, lastly we can say that Photojaanic is a way to help people live happier lives and communicate your memories in richer and meaningful ways.