Santa named “Photojaanic” has a bag full of mighty Gifts

Sorry to be after long long days, thats true na, when we get stuck somewhere its enough to forget everything else. The same happened with me. But, here I come with one another informatic blog post. Its on Photojannic. A e-commerce company situated in GOA and headquartered in Singapore. Lets go for the discription.

Being an ecommerce company photojaanic has cemented their roots in the world of Imaging for last 30 years. Creating high class photo products and satisfying their customers gives them real pleasure. Photojaanic is part of New Vision Imaging (NVI) which are one of all time associates with Konica Minolta, Polaroid, and HP, and also been the exclusive fulfillment partner for snapfish. They are spread in about 30,000 sq. ft. of precision equipment and are inclusive of 150 specially trained and qualified employees which are always passionate towards their work.

They manufacture love, emotions and memories in the form of photo books, calendars, gifts, stationery and canvases for their customers. They are doing this for many years and are gaining customers praises along with their smiling faces because of their hard and never changing work. Just like santa claus who has his bag full of gifts and chocolates, Their basket is full of wide range of products.

Let’s look at range of products specially designed by photojaanic.

Their products are divided into categories like photo book products, portrait products, stationery, photo gifts and calendars.

Photo book Products

In photo book products there are dust jacket books with detachable outer covers to protect your bound book and safely keep your records. Image wrap books, which are made with the combination of one or two images on single page looking absolutely stunning, and also soft cover books to use on any file or register as your remarkable identity.

Portrait Products

In portrait products their include gallery wrap canvases without frames which always seem perfect on walls along with Posters they provide in amazing looks. There are also collage posters which are again made with the combination of five to six small images and bound according to your memories to give magnificent look. Various types of prints are also available in portrait products which you can use wherever you feel suitable.

Stationery Products

Stationery products are full of products which show creativeness by photojaanic, like greeting cards, notebooks, notepads and stickers. Simple and efficient look count them different from others. Notebooks with your images printed on its cover are so incredible that they will surely help you figure out yourself different among everybody. Absolutely stunning!


You can present your loved ones a bunch of gifts like mugs, mouse pads, key chains, T-Shirts along with sporty drink bottles, money bank and playing cards with their images or any other lovely images printed on it. This shelf is full of all such incredible stuff.


Including all the above things they also have various types of calendars among which desktop/wall calendars and poster calendars are very popular. You may use it in your home as well as in your offices or cabins.

Hence, you can buy all that you feel amazing just by going to their web store or also you can order anything special by simply using their contact us menu. Photojaanic will provide you with your all requirements in no time and also with 100% satisfaction guarantee and that too in affordable prices.

In short, lastly we can say that Photojaanic is a way to help people live happier lives and communicate your memories in richer and meaningful ways.



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