Happy Couple: Sign of healthy Relationship.

Hand in Hand

Today, about 40% new marriages are ending in divorce, seems that relationships aren’t always easy. But some couple manage to live healthy and happy relationships throughout their life. You will get to know “who are the happy couples”, just by seeing them. How they manage to stay together in good and even in bad times? Do you think it’s because of luck? Obviously not, they take great efforts to work out their relation. Efforts in terms of commitment and they work hard to keep their partner happy.

Here are the secrets that every happy couple do, to have a healthy relationship:

Develops a realistic view- Happy couples always have a realistic view on their relationship. They know that there won’t be sunny and roses all the time. Every relationship has ups and downs and also have circumstances to face. Both support each other in good and bad times, sometimes by helping or sometimes just standing by side.

Work on the relationship– Sometimes weeds can kill your lovely plants and garden. So better to solve the problems or misunderstandings, at the time when they developed. Happy couples try to work on their relationships on a regular basis as this most important thing to do in a relationship. Researchers found that communication style is important than other things such as commitment level.

Spend time together– Shared “quality time” have greater value because it gives strength to face any problem of life. You will notice that couples living a happy life, use to spend few minutes each day on discussing their thoughts or tough topics. This helps in connecting with your partner for long term.

Spend time apart- Yeah! it sounds weird but spending time apart is also an important component of a healthy relationship. The time you are being apart will remind you about how important your partner is to you. After spending time separately you can come back to your relationship refreshed and will be having some random experiences to share.

Some problems can’t be solved- There may be some issues on which you can’t agree. This is the test for happy relationships, how they react to such situations, if they compromise, change or think that it is not so much important to stuck to that point. Rather than wasting energy compromise and agree to disagree.

Do honesty as the base of relationship- You must share all the things, also which your partner doesn’t want to hear. This is better than to have your partner doubt your honesty. Once trust is broken in a relationship, it is hard to re-develop. Mistrust is a reason behind some broken relationships. Honesty is the best policy.

Respect your partner- Treat the person honorably, it is basic of any healthy relationship. If you respect them you will get same in return. Reminding them how much they are important to you will help you in increasing love between you. Don’t be afraid of expressing your feelings to them, they will surely appreciate it.

Support for Goals- Some relationships are broken because one of the partners wants to achieve their goal and other is not ready to support him or her. It is important that you and your partner both respect each other’s choice and goals. You should have the willingness to work together and grow together because relationships require constant work.

Don’t expect your partner to change- Most of the arguments happen because of this expectation. Stop expecting changes in your partner and you will see, arguments not going to occur between you both. Try to give, what your partners want from you before they ask for it. If you take some efforts, then your partner will also take efforts themselves.

Do little things to have big smiles- It happens that the qualities for which you are attracted at beginning, isn’t the exact thing that drives you today. So, here the magic is to try and look at this differences freshly, it will surely work out for relationships. Do little things to surprise your partner and to have a smile on your partner’s face.


People think that long distance relationships not going to work out but it can work out if lived in the correct way. Trust is must in long distance relationships, if jealousy is your problem then you must reconsider about long distance relationships. The things might pull you apart sometimes, but you should believe that you are getting stronger through this experiences. We try to attach emotions to small things so it will be great to gift your partner something related to you. In this types of relationships, waiting is painful but you should always remind yourself that results at the end will be like heaven. This way your long distance relationships will surely work out.

More healthy tips to make your relationship happy:

Walk together- You can take a walk together to share your thoughts and spend quality time. It will help you in tightening your bond with your partner.

Turn off TV- You have to take this decision of turning off TV in the evening, to spend some quality time together. You can use this time to work on your issues. Or you can share day details with each other.

Morning coffee- It will be a great option in case if your partner loves to drink coffee in morning. This is an act of showing love and care. It will deepen your relationship.

Talk good about your partner with others- explain good qualities of your partner to others, it is always a good habit. If you explain negative attributes, it will create mistrust and lack of respect. Positive behavior creates fondness and love.

Cooking and cleaning- anything that you do to spend time with your partner will always help you to tighten your bond. Cooking and cleaning together, is also a good idea to show your care and affection to your partner. Appreciate your partner for what they are doing, even for smaller things.

Be creative about ways that you can do to reconnect with your partner and make a habit of showing appreciation to your partner.


Finally, what’s crucial is keeping your relationship cherishing till the end. Believe it or not but your life partner is the one who will support you, believe in you and stay with you till the movement you are showing respect and care to him or her.

After all, Health is Wealth. And for good health, there must be a loving relationship.


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