Rich by heritage but poor in social ethics


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No doubt India is world famous for its rich culture and heritage but do we deserve the credit for maintaining the standards we have got? Our ancestors literally exhausted themselves to teach us the way of living but what’s crucial is how much we have learned from them.  Being an Indian myself, I feel shameful to live in a society which lacks in civic sense.  Civic sense is not just about, keeping the public property clean but it also about the law-abiding, respecting the fellow men and maintaining etiquettes in public places. Racism, separatism, road rage, and intolerance are examples of lack of civic sense. And in India, it is very common to hear about communal friction. Other countries perform functions in a smooth manner because their natives follow social ethics.

Lack of social ethics results in many problems. There are spit marks, random garbage spread on the road in every part of India. It is easy to blame the government for not performing their duty but everyone has to see what tendency they have got. Why don’t everyone realize that it is done by us, not the government? People don’t know how to use public services, you can see spit on road, buses and waste material on train platforms and seats.

The recent example shows us that how people are lacked in ethics. The new train Tejas Express which considered as Airplane moving on the road, got its many headphones stolen after its maiden journey. It is also said that many LED’s were also damaged.

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Tejas Express was first planned to route from Delhi to Chandigarh, but then changed to, Mumbai-Goa as Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu insisted on doing it. The Express which is capable of running on 200km/h speed, because of constraints in rail tracks, it is running at the speed of 160km/hr. This high-speed train has unique features like automatic doors, infotainment screens for each seat, vacuum bio-toilets and secured gangway. It made its first maiden journey with much fanfare on 22nd May which was from CST, Mumbai to Karmali, Goa. On Tuesday, when Express returns it came with 12 high-quality headphones missing provided for infotainment screens. 990 infotainment screens were also found damaged and scratched, said the officials.

Sources also said that previous headphones were of 200 Rs. and after the first trip, officials now have decided to provide 30Rs. headphones. If the same thing continues, railway ministry board will rethink to continue the train on the same route.

It proves that Indians don’t deserve development. Before comparing our country with US and UK, it is necessary to put some efforts towards the development of wellbeing beneath our own souls. If we (you) do not have, that much ethics to use the public facilities then why to use it. It’s vital to learn ethics before being the member of the society. Those people who do this, also don’t have right to blame the government. Railway minister Suresh Prabhu who took efforts for Konkan region got their efforts wasted by low mentality people.

Public services are provided for our comfort and it’s our duty to use them in properly. Everyone has right to make use of those facilities, so don’t destroy them. We ought to learn to be a good citizen and live without disturbing others whether it is home, office or any other place.


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