An open message to Indian Parents: Let your kids be what they are.


On 30th May, Maharashtra boards HSC results were out and the question of kid’s future once again came forward. Will today’s kids maintain to remain in the competition with a lot much pressure? There is a vast competition running out there which needs your kids to be more skillful and talented. But is it really needed for parents to force their children to turn in as extraordinary? It is not really needed. Just let them be as they are because everyone is unique. Indian parents love their kids more than anything but put constraints on their freedom, their wishes, and this thing has to be changed.

Lack of tolerance

Nowadays, every alternate day we come across the news about student’s suicide and it is an alarming sign for every parent to treat their children in well-manner right from the beginning. On 23rd May a 21 years boy killed his mother as she asked about his studies. It is known from an investigation that, the mother was not allowing the son to be active on social media and he also had no many friends. When police found mother’s body in their home, they also got the message written by son. Which stated, “Tired of her, catch me and hang me.” From this incident, we can figure out that today’s generation is lacking in tolerance. They are unable to handle situations accurately on their own. So that is why, you should know how to act with children, how to work according to them.


Comparing each other’s children has just got a habit of all parents which is very wrong. It represents you wrongly in front of your children. Children will think that you don’t have trust in them and don’t care about them. It will lead them to think negative about you. Another part is that everyone has different skills and abilities and we won’t judge 2 different people from 2 different areas with the same meter. Means fish can’t climb on the tree and monkeys can’t go deep into the sea. So how can we judge them on not having this ability? The truth is that if your child is not having some skill then whatever you may do, he will not achieve results as you are expecting. Also, don’t pressurize them to do it, it will lead them towards depression. If someone is not good in studies then they may be good in other areas like music, sports or arts. So never ever compare your child with any other child.


We should not force them to get higher scores because everyone is not Einstein in studies. You should think that when you were child how your parents were understanding you, how you were using your weekends. For the competition purpose, everyone is making their children a living robots whose schedule is packed with a variety of classes. Whether your child is a 4-year teen or 20-year grown-up you treat them same. Freedom is important as it gives birth to creative work.

Yeah, boundaries should be there but make sure that those will not control their life. Let them improve their skills and not the figures in the grade book. Here in our education system, the overall performance is judged by one written test. We never think that everyone is not capable of writing answers accurately, they may get the concept but unable to put in words. It may also happen that they get too much stress so they forgot the things they known very well.

Another part is that everyone has different abilities which make them unique in others. So let them decide their own path, do not become hurdle between their successes, unknowingly.

Degree is the piece of paper wich never matters then, knowledge of living in the actual world. Most importantly remember that if your kids are college drop-outs then it doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything to stand up. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs were college drop-outs and later founded two mega brands Microsoft and Apple respectively. Mark Zuckerberg recently received his incomplete honorary degree from Harvard University after completing 13 successful years as a Co-founder of Facebook.

It is also a part of our Indian education that our education is totally theory dependent which won’t be much helpful in the real world. Sometimes, the students who were toppers of their time are left behind in the practical world. They are unable to cope up with the surrounding because that is not taught in school.  From a survey, it is seen that 91% of Indian parents want their children to have an undergraduate degree. Does this really matter if your child is living a happy and peaceful life without having a degree? No, you should be happy about your child’s happiness.

It is important to know that, when we work on what we love, we create a masterpiece. We do it in a good manner as we love to do it. But the situation is different when we are doing unpleasant work, we end up with so many problems. This happens with every child who is pressurized by his parents. Maybe sometimes you are aware of the conditions but unable to implement. It is better to be reform than to be too late. So make your child a wise and skillful person. Imagine the India when every parent tries to make their child a good and skilled person. After all, future is in their hands so make them capable of leading India in a magnificent way.


Education and learning are two different parts. Education is what we get from specific institutes and Learning is what been taught to us by the surroundings. When you roam individually, you actually learn how to live the life by your experiences. And people always get wisdom from their experiences. If you won’t jump in water then you won’t learn to swim. So allow your kids to jump in the sea of knowledge and they won’t let you down. Let your kids travel on their own, it will provide them with the lot much experiences which will teach them to stand on their own feet in the world. Leave them free and see, they will soar high in the sky.

Tips for becoming best parents

When it’s about child’s future, Indians mostly focus on professional success rather than happy life. Now it is high time for Indian parents to change their mindset and think in a different way for the sake of their children’s happy life.

  • Let them make their choices, let them find their passion. Let them focus on their personal growth and not the percentage.
  • Being friendly with children will be more helpful, as friendship is a relation where you can give advice to your friend as well as you can explain them things in a peaceful manner. But just don’t use this to advise them, ask them their opinions. It will create a good bond between you and your child.
  • Understand your child’s potential and help him in developing in that field. Don’t force him to be like you. Do not judge them on their mark sheet.
  • Make them feel that you trust them and will give support to them in every situation. Appreciate your child for what he has and what he had done correctly.

For any parent, whether rich or poor, growing a child is world’s toughest job. And parents are in a dilemma of really understanding what’s better for their kids. Remember, the mentality of today’s child is completely different from what was earlier. Their grasping power, the way of imagination and ability to sense things is way beyond our thoughts but simultaneously they lack patience and ability to tolerate unconvincing things. So my message to all the parents is: Let your children be what they are.


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