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About me:-


2010 was the year when I thought of making a career in writing but to actually get into it, 2012 was aroused. Since then, everything is changed in my life. Writing made me more pure and expressive it helped me present myself to all of you.
We, writers, have to face a lot of challenges in our writing career. Fear of failure, whether your writing career will pay your bills, whether readers will love your piece of work, what your spouse is going to think about you, etc. But as I went deep into this profession, I realized that this is the only thing I know perfectly and this will be the only thing to make me successful in life.
Currently, I have my writing business by the name of “Secure Solution” where I serve my writing skills to clients all over the world. Whether it’s USA, UK or Australia, till today I have worked with almost 30 clients worldwide and successfully dealt with 27 major projects. But You may be surprised to know that I am no Writer, by training, aptitude or inclination. I’m actually a Computer graduate with a BCS degree from Shivaji University, Kolhapur and passed with good grades actually. My mom and dad still ask me sometimes about why I didn’t go to Corporate and came into this strange field. I say it was my way of thinking and writing isn’t starving me, in fact, it’s giving me all the pleasure I need.
So while being a writer, I generally love writing about things that I am truly passionate about. I believe that my writings should help change people’s lives forever (for good, of course!). Writing is also a truly liberating experience for me. It can heal old wounds and in the process of influencing others, it can bring a lot of meaning to your life as well.


About AJ’s Blog:-

In AJ’s Blog, I intend to share all my experiences of life and the thoughts which I believe will surely help you all. Being a blogger, content writer, and entrepreneur, I am going to share tips on almost anything useful in life.

It’ll be great if you could consider joining me in this unique (for me at least) roller coaster ride of experiences.

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