Wedding cards, categories and “PHOTOJAANIC”

Preparation of wedding cards is the most important factor in anybody’s wedding ceremony. Your wedding card reflects your status, so photojaanic has given more value to create these special cards. They have significant range of designs and themes for wedding cards which will pleased your eyes as well as your mind when you will have to look on it.

Lets us look at what photojaanic brings you in this category.

Photojaanic types of wedding cards.

Greeting cards

In section of products, photojaanic has a link of greeting cards which sends you in the world of various types of cards in different categories which also has the option of wedding cards. Select any of cards you want and feel that your beloved couples will be happy having it. Many of such cards are available in their shelf in affordable prices which you will love and wide range of themes and design will always force you to buy a spare one. And that’s not the fault of photojaanic, grab it and use it somewhere else.

Invitation cards

One of the most important factor regarding wedding is the preparation of invitation card. Just go online and Google photojaanic to surprise yourself with the range of invitation cards. They are specially designed in ample range of categories like single cover cards, folding cards, and cards with attractive covers and colorful envelops. Creativity is basic idea of photojaanic and their finishing touch is simply incredible.

Thank you cards

This is somewhat fishy, because after giving grand ceremony you need to thank people for specially coming and giving their warm wishes and blessings. Here, photojaanic has answer for you. They have created some simple but dynamic Thank you cards which are smooth looking and fully attractive. Content written is always remembered by your loved ones and therefore photojaanic has used this thing in Thank you card but in technical way. They have included meaningful quotes and message giving poems along with lovely images and incredible designs to this thank you cards. Always take someone along with you to buy these cards as you alone will never spot a single card.

Photojaanic always keeps on updating their ways, use of creativity and their brains of development.

After all, they are the one to implement your ideas into promise you with 100% satisfaction.


Santa named “Photojaanic” has a bag full of mighty Gifts

Sorry to be after long long days, thats true na, when we get stuck somewhere its enough to forget everything else. The same happened with me. But, here I come with one another informatic blog post. Its on Photojannic. A e-commerce company situated in GOA and headquartered in Singapore. Lets go for the discription.

Being an ecommerce company photojaanic has cemented their roots in the world of Imaging for last 30 years. Creating high class photo products and satisfying their customers gives them real pleasure. Photojaanic is part of New Vision Imaging (NVI) which are one of all time associates with Konica Minolta, Polaroid, and HP, and also been the exclusive fulfillment partner for snapfish. They are spread in about 30,000 sq. ft. of precision equipment and are inclusive of 150 specially trained and qualified employees which are always passionate towards their work.

They manufacture love, emotions and memories in the form of photo books, calendars, gifts, stationery and canvases for their customers. They are doing this for many years and are gaining customers praises along with their smiling faces because of their hard and never changing work. Just like santa claus who has his bag full of gifts and chocolates, Their basket is full of wide range of products.

Let’s look at range of products specially designed by photojaanic.

Their products are divided into categories like photo book products, portrait products, stationery, photo gifts and calendars.

Photo book Products

In photo book products there are dust jacket books with detachable outer covers to protect your bound book and safely keep your records. Image wrap books, which are made with the combination of one or two images on single page looking absolutely stunning, and also soft cover books to use on any file or register as your remarkable identity.

Portrait Products

In portrait products their include gallery wrap canvases without frames which always seem perfect on walls along with Posters they provide in amazing looks. There are also collage posters which are again made with the combination of five to six small images and bound according to your memories to give magnificent look. Various types of prints are also available in portrait products which you can use wherever you feel suitable.

Stationery Products

Stationery products are full of products which show creativeness by photojaanic, like greeting cards, notebooks, notepads and stickers. Simple and efficient look count them different from others. Notebooks with your images printed on its cover are so incredible that they will surely help you figure out yourself different among everybody. Absolutely stunning!


You can present your loved ones a bunch of gifts like mugs, mouse pads, key chains, T-Shirts along with sporty drink bottles, money bank and playing cards with their images or any other lovely images printed on it. This shelf is full of all such incredible stuff.


Including all the above things they also have various types of calendars among which desktop/wall calendars and poster calendars are very popular. You may use it in your home as well as in your offices or cabins.

Hence, you can buy all that you feel amazing just by going to their web store or also you can order anything special by simply using their contact us menu. Photojaanic will provide you with your all requirements in no time and also with 100% satisfaction guarantee and that too in affordable prices.

In short, lastly we can say that Photojaanic is a way to help people live happier lives and communicate your memories in richer and meaningful ways.


Hard Disk Recovery in few steps.

Hard disk is the primary storage device used in all computers. Being the primary storage point it holds all data stored in the computer. Destruction of this data can be accidental or as a result of disk corruption. When this occurs, the user is always engulfed by fear of losing data permanently. Recovery of hard disk is similar to get back our stolen car- ‘aah’ you will get your files back, but the results could be fishy. One thing you should keep in mind, after a hard-disk failure there’s no guaranty that you will get back your data in its original condition, so it’s always good to synchronize or back up your most important files.

Anyways, coming back to hard-disk recovery, first thing you have to do is to determine if it’s really a hard-drive failure and not one of the other equipment glitches which causes a boot failure. If you have access to some another PC, remove the collapsed disk from your sick PC and hook it up as a secondary drive to any other alternate PC. You can do this by using a USB universal drive adapter, which is always good to have around for all sorts of hard-drive diagnostics.

If this isn’t the solution, then you must be having a severe disk failure. Don’t panic! The next step is, you should start by finding what’s the reason behind disk failure, it must be among the two ways which are often found, logical failure and mechanical failure. For logical failure, there is data recovery software which can be used for hard disk recovery in case such a situation occurs. When used, this software ensures that the data is gotten back in its initial form since it does not change the form or state of the data in question. It is always important that the data structures are identified before the recovery process begins.

 If it’s a mechanical damage, recovery of the disk can be achieved through replacement of the damaged sections within the disk. If a partition in the disk fails or the file system is damaged they can be repaired using the chkdsk command and to secure the data that are contained in the disk. Several technologies have been discovered to facilitate the restoration of data lost through over writing. Magnetic force microscope technology can be used when data is lost through over writing of the existing files. Data recovery software can be used since most of them have wizards which always guide the user in order to run successfully. 

If the recovery fails using the above methods, Lift your desktop’s CPU or Lappy and come to our office or any other companies which are specialized in recovery of data from damaged disks. You can meet service engineers and your problem can be consulted to assist in the process. However the institutions offer their services at a cost. Before one contacts the company, he or she must validate the credibility of the company to avoid being a victim of the ghost companies. The above methods make one to remain assured that the data is safe even if the hard disk is damaged.

Mobile Application Development

In today’s growing market of mobile phones we need better software’s to overcome our needs faster. Hence, for fulfilling this human demands, number of mobile applications are been invented by developers through mobile application development.

Mobile application development is a process of creating various software’s for small devices like mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, pdf’s and so on. The most popular Smartphone platforms that support mobile apps are Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, Java ME and Palm. Mobile apps come preloaded in a smart phone, else; customers can download them from other distribution platforms like google play, appstore as well. Mobile apps are divided into various categories such as games, eBooks, etc with lot of features. Applications can also be delivered using server-side or client-side processing for e.g. javascript.

Thus, if we step ahead in this subject of Mobile Application Development, we will get useful info about it more deeply. Let’s carry on….

Mobile Application Development is similar to Web Application Development. Only one difference between them is mobile apps are built to load quickly on a cellular network. Numbers of app developing companies are stable in this business from a long era and they design apps with a new stringent technology and enterprise to give their best results to customers. Businesses decide two things before startup, platform and price; they have to decide whether an app is to be made for iphone or an android device. This is decided after examine demands and availability in market. As for pricing, sometimes free apps and premium apps are placed all together in the market and after looking at the revenue from customers, stepwise they are been upgraded and regarding free apps, they are add supported, businesses have to decide which add network is beneficial to them in order to get good revenue.  

Development process starts with testing which consists of two different ways, first is by using emulators like google android emulator, eggplant, mobione, etc and other is field testing. Apps need to be easy to use, fun, and intuitive as people are so unforgiving and most important thing is they have limited mobile storage space, so businesses have to take care of memory needed for specific application.  After perfect formation of app, experts have to give an attractive design which is supposed to be user-friendly.

Finally, developing a mobile app is not an individual process. A team work, together look after the capabilities of apps and what customers actually need. Writing a flexibly customized app having full services in accordance to what customers require and related to any industry, such as engineering, manufacturing, travelling, health, etc is the primary aim of every business in present era. Now-a-days, large numbers of mobile apps are coming in the corporate world but it’s a never ending stuff as it is something which will be demanded more and more…

In the future, majority of mobile application development efforts will focus on creating browser-based applications that are device-agnostic because it will be easy for customers to have a finger-friendly experience while using those particular apps. 

A Mysterious Incident At Jaysingpur Railway Station

How many of you believe in GHOST?  we meet many peoples telling us  ghosts stories as if themselves they have seen it. Frankly speaking, I don’t  believe in Ghosts or Creatures as in today’s scientific world, our atmosphere is filled with waves, radiations of newgen technologies and CCTV cameras, sensors along with many such things spread everywhere. So how can there be a place remained for Ghosts, isn’t it?

But now I am going to share a real incident happened with none other then me at Jaysingpur railway station.  An incident which kept my eyes frozen for long long time and still I don’t understand what the hell was that!……… “Whether I saw a miracle shown by a magician or he actually was a ghost”. Help me find out at the end if you succeed to figure out……. let’s start the real story.

Three years back in 2009 I was living in Jaysingpur (a small town in Kolhapur district), where I was completing my graduation. It was my first year and within few months I got familiar with localities and streets of that town. My daily schedule was normal like getting up late in the morning rushing to the college and after whole day of studies come back to room. I had a room partner named Aniruddha Joshi to whom we use to call “Anya”.  At night, after dinner we both use to go for a walk which was certainly a long walk till railway station. Jaysingpur railway station was situated around 5 km away from town in a uncanny farm place where no one accept us use to go at night. We use to go and sit on the bench on platform for some time. Anya had a smoking habbit, and he use to smoke two-three cigarettes till we sit there. The last train arriving at the station was at 10:30 pm, which use to stay there hardly for three to five minutes and again rush away to last station kolhapur. There was a station master who too use to go home after departure of last train.

Even THAT DAY, all went same accept one thing!…………  We stayed there for long time even after train passed away to kolhapur. Maybe for more two-three hours… And that’s where we got mistaken. We should had not stayed there for that long time. But Alas! we had stayed there for observing upcoming mystery.

So on that day, means on 26 December, we went to the railway station and sat on our regular bench as usual. Wind was very cold and was freezing both of us. Anya took his cigarette and started smoking which helped him a bit to get well warmed, but I was feeling the winter and was shivering badly. Train came and passed away in no time. Two-three passengers who got out of train, once looked at us and walked away. After the station master went home every thing got silent and only we both remained on station.

My eyes were moving allover. No one was there, No one…. Not even a street dog.  A tube light at the gate was beeping continuously. We sat there talking with each other for a long time. Anya was breathing smoke and I was sitting aside him. I can’t say exactly how much time it was as we both had nothing with us to check time but approximately after two hours or a bit more, we saw a shadow of a man standing near the gate. Shadow was fallen long up till our legs due to that flashing tube light. We looked at him…. he was far away from us and so his face was unseeable. We ignored him thinking that may be he has come to walk same like us. But no, even after 10 minutes he was still standing in same position not even moving his hands or legs.

We felt strange about him and I was thinking why he is standing like that? and who must be he?. Anya was also looking at him with a strange feeling. After a while he moved… he started coming towards us and when he came near us he blown a torch on our face. We were still quite but I still remember that time when my heartbeats were beating vigorously. He looked at our faces for sometime and asked ‘Who are you?”. His voice was hard and was introducing his strong personality… Anya introduced ourselves to him and said “We have come here to sit for a while.”  He was quite for sometime and then came and sat in middle of both of us. I asked him who he is, on which he replied that he is a watchman of railway station and is on duty. I felt better after listening to his words and all other things dancing in my mind vanished away. I said to him “Sir, its too late and we must go now”… and I indicated anya with my eyes to move… We were about to stand that the watchman held us down again.  He said “Its already late then sit for a while, we will talk for sometime and then you go”.

Don’t know why, but I felt strange about him. Anya was alright and was talking with him. They both were discussing about a robbery happened a week ago in the town and I was continuously thinking about him. His standing like a statue for a long time near that gate was forcing me to think about him. I was also looking at him again and again… he was a ordinary person with regular moves and facial expressions. He was laughing, blinking his eyes,breathing, and was doing all usual things. Then why I was feeling uneasy in his company?

Half an hour past with a same way and finally I said Uncle, we must go now, we will meet you again some other day. he paused for a while and said OK, go slowly and be careful. I said yes, of course and we moved on….. Hardly we both took few steps and I looked back…. What the Fuck! where was he?????????????

he was No where…… God Promise he was no where on whole platform. I searched him around but he was disappeared all of a sudden. And there was no such place near that bench where he could had hide in few seconds. Then where was he? I still don’t know the answer. I looked at anya, he was about to shout until I held his hand strongly and started running….

We were running and were scribbling just one word again and again… Run… Run…

I don’t know how longed we ran but when we looked upwards we had entered in city and were surrounded with houses and buildings. But still we ran till our room.

That night and even next couple of nights, we did’t sleep. We were thinking about him but unable to find the answer. we got frightened but we were not scary people. We decided to go there again and find the truth… and hence we went, we kept going every one after another day till the last day of our graduation. But we never saw him again nor we were able to find the answer of his sudden disappearance.

Today, Anya and I are not together but when we meet we always speak about that incident……

  1. Who was he? Was that a ghost? then why didn’t it harmed us?
  2. was that a miracle?
  3. surely it was not a hallucination or our eye disorder…. We both saw him at a time.

Can you explain What the hell was that??????????????

” Peter Miranda Sports” – Sporting Equipment’s and Sports Net Specialists

Australian Sports has its special identity among the world, whether there are cricket leagues like Big Bash or Sheffield league or special events like Ashes and Melbourne Cup as well as other leagues in football, hockey and tennis. And when there is lot of sport in Australia obviously there will be sport product manufacturing companies in Australia. Sport is not only what we see in front of camera, but behind camera there are many things which are being managed by individuals and committees. All the sports equipment which are to be involved are thoroughly checked by quality analyst and management board. Hence, we see that all the sports production companies are always on hood to give their best. Peter Miranda Sports is one such leading company which is specialized in making Sporting equipment and Sports Net.

This company is famous for making high quality products like Goals, Goal Posts, nets, padding, cricket pitches, synthetic grass, line marking installations and net repairs . The principle of this company named “Peter Miranda” started this project in 1972 within a small store along with his brother les. Today after many many improvements, this store got developed into a leading company called “Peter Miranda Sports” which is located in Adelaide.They provide services into various sports like AFL Football, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball and many more.

Company has appointed highly qualified professionals right from the manufacturing department up to the production department, who all together manage each and every project perfectly. Sir Peter Miranda personally oversees each job to ensure it is of highest quality and completed in time. They use high quality material in preparation of all equipment including soccer net, soccer goals and football goals. Their aim is to be picture perfect in all projects they undergo. Since there start in 1972, they are improving in every sect to which they belong and hence after examine the work and there experience of many years they recently got opportunity to serve grand slam cup held in Australia. And also, they are leading suppliers of equipment required in cricket for all seasons every year.

Apart from this, Peter Miranda Sports work for all 365 days in year to supply and install equipment to states, schools, colleges, councils and academy throughout Australia. there recent projects include fitting of all sporting hardware consisting soccer nets, football nets, etc in Gladstone recreation center, installation of window protection nets of school situated in Nhulunbuy NT, installation of spectator protection net in Adelaide football club and installation of golf course net in regency park. Till today, they have successfully completed number of such projects and are undergoing many more.

Due to increase in project demands, and to get connected to the world remotely they recently rebuilt their website named which has their contact details and facility to contact them online. The website also consist all the information about Peter Miranda Sports including their blog, products, services, photo gallery and completed projects. Besides their main company based in Adelaide, they have Stores situated in all the main cities of Australia. These stores have stocks of their manufactured products like football goals, football goal nets and soccer nets for sale. Products also include cricket pitches, goals and goal posts, safety padding, synthetic grass and dry court sweeper.

We can say that Peter Miranda Sports is a best solution for buying sporty equipment in all over Australia. Either it is cricket, tennis, netball, football or Australian Rules football, Peter Miranda sports is ready to take care of installation and equipments.

How to effectively engage your customers through a professional website

Nowadays, the competition in the business world is increasing day by day with plenty of companies strengthening their online presence. It will get more and more competitive each coming day. Well, the question is whether you can attain stability in this increasing competitive business world. The answer is yes. Companies that are aware of the fact that new emerging technologies can help them reach on the top can easily face the competition and succeed. There are still so many companies not having their websites. You need to learn the importance of online presence and how to build strong relationships with your customers by engaging them.

You can achieve this by using the online resources available for you. Social media is the one of the most important resources that will continue to be popular in the long run. Social media strategy designed according to your business need can be the best solution to engage your customers easily. A professional website can also help you engage your customers. If you own a website you can ask yourself does the website engage the customers. Does it make them feel as being part of a big venture? Does it make them feel that they are associated with something emotionally too. Well, any type of business you own, you can certainly involve your customers emotionally. Your website can be the perfect platform for adding emotional intensity to the business venture. You can use the online resources to make your website presentable and impressive and make use of the powerful tools to engage your customers easily.

Social media strategy to engage the customers

Decide your goal

Using social media effectively to help your business grow is important and to do this, you need to have a clear idea about your goal. Engagement is more about the number of clicks that your customers make when they visit your website. You need to understand how to keep your customers clicking, until they get involved deeper into the website. Clicking should be to such an extent that it turns into a sale, a download or a request for getting additional information.

Engage Costumers

Attract Customer Attention

Attracting the attention of your customer that you want to target before making a sale is really important.  This also means that you should attract search engines attraction as well. Social media and search engine go hand in hand.  Posting videos on YouTube that appear interesting, publishing interesting entries on blogs that would develop the interest of the audience you target can attract their attention.

Build Desire

Don’t get panic when some customers leave the website after collecting some information. This is the reason you should know the technique of following up the customers. You can try sending them few links, which directs them to other relevant pages on your website, which they might not have visited.       

Get back to Action 

Now depending on your goal you need to take action. Decide on what your goal is. Is it to fix an appointment or make a sale? After you have a clear idea, you can make your customer take the action.