8 best countries to visit this Summer

For many, winter might be the season to visit some of the coolest places around the world but believe me Summer is also the best time to travel. In fact March, April, and May have the most pleasant weather when seabirds fly along with the cool currents flowing from the south and give you a reason to stop. Moreover, summer is mostly a vacation period in many countries and children’s wait for this season to arrive and plan a trip accordingly.

So if you are planning a vacation this summer and searching for an exciting place to hangout, the following list of 8 countries will definitely help you to choose one.

1) Fiji– Fiji is the perfect summer holiday destination for relaxation as it has turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and luxe resorts. You will never find crystal clear beaches like Fiji anywhere else.


Why: Fiji offers you a pleased feeling of concealment. You will feel like you are far away from others and Fijian customs are an addition in it. You can snorkel with manta rays in the Yasawas, see the breathtaking beauty of Mamanucas, scuba dive near Taveuni and relax in the Coral coast. If you are a domestic type of people then you can visit history museum or visit the garden of a sleeping giant to feel the orchids.

2) San Francisco– It is a cultural and commercial center of Northern California whose golden gate is all time ready to welcome their visitors.


Why: San Francisco mostly attracts people who have an eye for seeing innovativeness in art, cheesy about cuisines and adventure loving people. You will find many ways to stay busy, here you will find amazing sights, world-class delicious cuisine, restful cafeterias and flourishing nightlife spots.

3) Greece– Whitewashed villas, crystal clear water and stunning beaches of islands makes Greece, perfect destination for a summer holiday.


Why: Popular islands are Santorini Island, Mykonos Island, Paros Island and Naxos Island. You should go to this places if you love to enjoy on beaches or to see beautiful architectures. Relaxing atmosphere also add value to these islands. Mykonos’ late night parties are famous for summer travelers. Summer season is best for swimming in Santorini, but you will need advance booking for accommodation as it is a peak season to travel in Santorini. Crete-islands, largest of Greece have resorts and houses available on affordable rents.

4) France- Summer is the best time to visit France when markets are overflowed with fresh products and lots of beaches to work on your tawny skin.


Why: Whether you are in west part or north part, weather of France remains fantastic in every part. Whenever we think about France, first name comes is Paris, the city of love. This city brings millions of visitors towards it with many splendid places like Eiffel tower, stately museums, and Versailles Palace. You can visit shores of Nice to take a sunbath or enjoy vibrant nightlife along the Riviera. Corsica and Ile de re are popular beaches in France, go there to take chilling sun massage.

5) Spain- Roman Kingdom of Spain located on Iberian Peninsula in Europe with music in its soul and wild landscapes.



Why: Barcelona with its Catalonian air, Alhambra with world heritage sites, Capital Madrid’s nightlife, snacks in San Sebastian, Semana Santa of Seville and beaches of Menorca are main reasons to visit Spain. Plus Spain has worlds must visit cities like Madrid, capital with rich culture and Trendy Barcelona.

6) USA- is a country of 50 states with Hawaii extending its presence in the Pacific Ocean. America has a great variety of places to visit and enjoy.


Why: America has reach culture and it shines backs in its stunning sights and astonishing landscapes. New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago are most visited destinations with famous architectures and beautiful sights. Millennium Park, Buckingham fountain, Walt Disney world, Yellowstone national park, Grand Canyon and gulf coast road trip are the main point of interests to visit America.

7) UAE- this nation is located in Persian sea with its advanced architectures. The main focus for travel life in UAE is its long and warming beaches.



Why: Ski Dubai is world’s third largest indoor ski developed using 6000 tons of snow. Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi are major attractions for tourist in UAE. Desert safaris for fun experience, Dubai for the best shopping, palm resort are the reason why you should add UAE on your bucket list.

8) Nepal- It is a Himalayan country located in South Asia bordering China in north and India in east, west, and south.


Why: Nepal has other things than Hot Weather to visit in summer. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal have great influence of its history and culture. To see spectacular views, Nagarkot will be a great option. Pokhara with remarkable natural beauty and serene lakes, Ilam’s tea gardens, and Nuwakhot durbar seven storey palace are main reasons to visit Nepal.


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